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Membership Management workshop, Merigar West, July 2016

The planned Membership Management workshop lasted about 3 hours and was held by Roberto Zamparo (Yellow IG) during the July’s retreat in Merigar West. It was intended for all Yellow Gakyils and Membership Coordinators.


The aim of the Membership Management workshop was how to deal with membership management in general and related organization. Not aimed to technical basic use of MMS. There was no time enough for a full educational session. Knowledge (at least basic) and experience of MMS is a prerequisite to understand the matter.


– introduction to MMS “philosophy”

– critical points from 2015 and 2016 Membership experience:

             – local and international currencies

             – partial payments by members:

                       – granted help (discount) to disadvantaged

                       – unchecked

– Gar payments to IDC (timely, independently of internal organization)

– system user diffusion (ideally 100% users)

– personal data completion (email, DoB) and reliability

– MMS particularities of:

– calculation (total amount shown and used in reports)

         – use of Exclude

         – payment removal (generally to avoid, unless particular cases, possible alternative solutions)

– organisation (method)

– alternative methods of calculation of IDC 15% (and Gar share) during the year:

            – based on paid fees

– based on annual standard fees at first payment

– local management of members’ renewals and payments:

             – reports (tools)

                        – MMS

– off-line excel

             – possible organisation

– payment of shares to Gar and to IDC

– discussion on possible restrictions:

             – no payments accepted for next year until fees are approved by IG

             – change of local currency during the year

– change of Gar/Ling after first payment

– change of Membership type during the year:

                       – upgrade

– downgrade (for multiple payments, in case of impossibility to keep the level declared at first payment)

             – registration to Gar/Lings based on declared residence (limited to Country of residence or nearest Gar)

– other issues suggested by the participants



This is the complete presentation of the workshop: MMS Presentation July 2016



2 Responses to “Membership Management workshop, Merigar West, July 2016”


    Dear Roberto,

    Will the session & the communication course the following day, be web-cast or videoed for on-line learning after the event? Thanks. YiHui from Namdrolling, Singapore.

    • Libor Maly


      the One IDC – communication and collaboration seminar on July 16th there is no plan to be webcasted as it will be very interactive and based on immediate personal experiences, so it will make no sense to watch it from the distance. I am very sorry …


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