In spirit of service to Master and Community, and in collaboration with all members of the Sangha, we endeavour to bring into practice Rinpoche's vision for the organisation of the International Dzogchen Community.

Mark Farrington

IDC Yellow Gakyil

Rinpoche’s student since 1991

Professional background in International Finance and Politics.  21 Years as a Fund Manager, working in New York, Japan, Singapore, Sydney and London
Member of Merigar since 2003.  Previously member of Namgyalgar and Tsegyalgar since 1996, and Lot Owner at Tashigar Norte since 2002.

Resides in London with wife Ekaterina and daughter Moe Andrea.


Enrico Dell’Angelo

was an IDC Red Gakyil

Studied Tibetology at the University of Napoli with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Served on the Gakyil of Merigar and contributed to the establishment of the Shang Shung Institute.

Has been working for many years on the Tibetan Plateau to support the way of life of the local communities and the continuation of Tibetan culture.

Enrico passed away in December, 2016…


Roberto Zamparo

IDC Red Gakyil

Graduated in electronic engineer, master in Business Administration in Italy.

Main experience in Business planning and control as a manager for 30 years.
Joined Rinpoche in 2003. Started helping Merigar West Gakyil on Membership in 2008 and then also on other economic topics.

Auditor of Merigar West since Jan. 2013.


Scott Townell

IDC Red Gakyil

Student since 2001. First met Rinpoche in Philadelphia in 2002. Member, IDC and Tsegyalgar East.

Originally from the Philadelphia area. Traveled or worked in 25 countries. Former professional musician. Holds BA, MS, and Executive MBA degrees.

Career: 28 years’ experience in management consulting, technology, and general management for global companies. He currently owns a consulting firm specializing in turnarounds, growth strategies, and optimization for middle-market companies and mid-sized not-for-profits.

Member, board-of-directors of an arts organization and board committees of a social-service organization. Resides in New York City.


Libor Malý

IDC Blue Gakyil

Met Rinpoche in 2002 in Prague, currently studying SMS 2nd level.

Studied computer science, worked as a programmer, marketing manager, headhunter and for 16 years as an on-line recruitment business owner. After selling his business he is active in philanthropy and his global gift/generosity-economy NGO startup.

Resides in Prague.