In spirit of service to Master and Community, and in collaboration with all members of the Sangha, we endeavour to bring into practice Rinpoche's vision for the organisation of the International Dzogchen Community.

Annual General Assembly of the IDC members

Dear Varja friends,


below you can find an official invitation to the Annual General Assembly of the IDC members, which will take place in Dzamling Gar on Sunday, 16th of April at 10:00 (UTC+1) Tenerife / London summer time.

AGM Convocation notice

International Gakyil’s presentation is available here.


All members are invited to participate. For those, who cannot attend in person, we will organize a webcast and a possibility to ask questions via internet. Webcast will be arranged just for purposes of sharing information to as much as members possible, but there are no technical legal conditions for right of vote to those members actually not physically presents in Tenerife.

In legal terms only members of the IDC will have the right to vote. From the legal perspective, legal member is only such a person who have reached the age for the right to vote, has payed his/her membership fee the 2017 (at least partially), is not a Welcome Card holder and belongs to the Gar and/or Ling, which is already legally affiliated to the IDC. This differs from our ordinary point of view of how we see our vajra brothers and sisters of our community, who actually might not be, in strictly legal terms, a member of the IDC.


We look forward to see you in Dzamling Gar again.


With love yours

International Gakyil 🙂


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