In spirit of service to Master and Community, and in collaboration with all members of the Sangha, we endeavour to bring into practice Rinpoche's vision for the organisation of the International Dzogchen Community.

Global Membership Pricing Announcement: November 2017

Dear Gakyil Members,


The trend toward lower membership seen over the past year is understandable, given Rinpoche’s limited travel schedule and few webcast events. Working with circumstances is a normal part of our lives and duty, and therefore it would seem normal to advise that we all maintain modest expenditure plans while we await a recovery from the current situation.


When Membership fees are declining all Gars & Lings become more dependent on fund raising events and course activities that can generate supplemental income. If these ideas are matched with greater conservation on the expenditure side, we should all better navigate this temporary downturn in membership revenues.


Please find below the Global Membership prices for 2018 – unchanged from 2017. The IDC allocation of 15% will also remain unchanged for next year. Please let us know if there are any questions or something we can assist with.


Global Membership Pricing 2018:


Local Ordinary Membership                        [set by local Gakyil]

Local Sustaining Membership                     [optional, and set by local Gakyil]


Global Sustaining Membership                500 euro / $575 (US dollars)

Global Meritorious Membership               1,500 euro / $1,725 (US dollars)



Global Membership Policy details:


Benefits:                unchanged from last year

Currency:              euro is applicable currency for (MGW&E, DZG, KGN&S), US dollar for (TGE&W, TGN&S, SG, NG)

Subsidies:             decisions to subsidize Ordinary Members in need of assistance should be met by the establishment of a special fund at the Gar or Ling level

Principles of Generosity: all Gars and Lings that have the potentiality are encouraged to offer PoG for Rinpoche’s retreats when possible. However, it is not compulsory and Gars or Lings should not put their Association at financial risk by operating events at a loss or accumulating debts



Mark Farrington

International Yellow Gakyil, IDC


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