In spirit of service to Master and Community, and in collaboration with all members of the Sangha, we endeavour to bring into practice Rinpoche's vision for the organisation of the International Dzogchen Community.

IDC Membership Brief 2014

  In the past week many of you who are Gakyil members would have seen the notice from the International Gakyil (IG) providing information on guidelines for membership in 2014.  As the planned start date for “global membership” is still …

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Transition of services from SSI to the IDC

As part of the reorganisation of the Dzogchen Community and of Shang Shung Institute, it has been the intention to pass over responsibility for services relating to the IDC so that Shang Shung Institute is free to focus on its …

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Yellow Gakyil report for August

The IDC Organisational Project Outputs that the International Yellow Gakyil (Yellow IG) are responsible for are divided into three categories; Fund Raising, Membership, Finance & Accounting Systems.  We have a number of individual task objectives within each of these three …

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A Call for Volunteers to Serve on the Management Systems Committee

Dear Vajra Sisters and Brothers, worldwide: We are currently in the process of building the International Dzogchen Community (IDC) organization according to Rinpoche’s vision of a Global Mandala. For this reason, the International Gakyil is seeking six highly-qualified individuals to serve …

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Welcome to the IDC Yellow Gakyil pages!

Welcome to the Yellow section of the International Gakyil activities. We are happy to finally have a web presence and an opportunity to begin collaborating more deeply with our fellow Yellow Gakyil members around the world, as well as the …

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Website of the IDC Gakyil

Welcome to the new website of the International Dzogchen Community Gakyil! Here you will find progress reports on the reorganisation of the Community as an International Organisation – not every day, but as important steps unfold. If you have any …

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IDC Reorganization

Dear Vajra sisters and brothers. You have probably already heard there is a new Gakyil in place of the International Dzogchen Community. International Dzogchen Community is relatively newly established global organization with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu as a president. New Gakyil …

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International Dzogchen Community progress report

The new International Gakyil is now operative. Enrico dell’Angelo has been joined on Red by Roberto Zamparo and Scott Townell, and Ricardo Kogel and Keng Leck have joined Mark Farrington on Yellow. Libor Maly and Julian King-Salter are on Blue. …

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Dzogchen Membership Database

The membership database is an essential element in the preparation for and future smooth running of the International Dzogchen Community. The database, located in the site of International DC, currently has more than 8500 entries, many of which still …

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Good day everybody everywhere

This is future website for international gakyil The new website is going to be released soon, so please, stay tuned 🙂   Good day everybody everywhere 🙂