In spirit of service to Master and Community, and in collaboration with all members of the Sangha, we endeavour to bring into practice Rinpoche's vision for the organisation of the International Dzogchen Community.

1st meeting of the ICC

Thursday, April 3rd, was the day of the first meeting of the International Coordination Commitee (ICC), the assembly, which represents the main forum for coordination and dialog between representatives of all Gars, Lings and other institutions and groups belonging to the International Dzogchen Community.

Here we want to sincerely apologize to those, who were trying to connect through Webex, for technical difficulties. Next time we will be prepared much better …

The agenda was to discuss two important issues:


1) Alignment process

Enrico Dell’Angelo was informing the assembly about the progress of the alignment process of new statuses, which are currently being incorporated by different Gars and Lings around the world.

2) Membership & Asset Report

Mark Farrington together with Roberto Zamparo were presenting the Membership and Asset report, which you might download clicking here: IDC Membership Report 2013. (Note- the previously published Assets section of the report has been removed as being too imprecise for publication at the moment). What Mark has stressed is the importance of the Ordinary and Sustaining memberships, which are contributing about 70% of annual Community income.

Then the rich Q&A sesion started with many questions, which resulted into these essential points:

  • We need to standardize all Membership prices and discounts across the Community, all other parameters (like retreat prices, number of participants, cost sharing among Gars etc) are floating parameters according to given circumstances and will not be standardized.
  • Every member of the Community will have so called Triple membership – to given Ling, given Gar and IDC itself.
  • New membership rules starts from the beginning of 2015.
  • Roberto is asking all Gakyil representatives to prepare a list of all members and all its data for importing into a new global membership system, which might come soon .
  • This year every Gakyil and every Ling must implement the Welcome Card (WC) system. WC is not a membership, holders of the WC are just like ‘friends’ of the Community. If someone has 3 WCs in a row, then 4th year becomes automatically a member. This system already starts from 2014.
  • Reduced and Sustaining WCs are possible at the same price as membership.
  • We need to improve the processes behind webcast password management, regarding past members still holding access to close webcasts, which is not acceptable for the future.

I hope I share my opinion that the meeting was very usefull and fruitfull and I want to thank to Enrico, Mark and Roberto for a great job ! I really enjoyed shared communication and collaboration among all of us. The only weak point was the failed Webex communication. We are truly sorry and apology to everybody …

Good day to everybody everywhere 🙂


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