In spirit of service to Master and Community, and in collaboration with all members of the Sangha, we endeavour to bring into practice Rinpoche's vision for the organisation of the International Dzogchen Community.

IDC Reorganization

Dear Vajra sisters and brothers.

You have probably already heard there is a new Gakyil in place of the International Dzogchen Community. International Dzogchen Community is relatively newly established global organization with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu as a president.

New Gakyil has one main objective to fulfill – to reorganize the growing community of Dzogchen practitioners around the world to better serve all of us in following the teaching of our beloved Master without any unnecessary obstacles.


Why change?

It is to realise Rinpoche’s vision of a Global Mandala; at the moment we have a network of separate entities around the world- although mutually supportive, there is no formal link between us all.

The centre of the Mandala is not a physical place, it is the Master; the Gars around the world have been centres for particular activities, now also Rinpoche has chosen a place for a Global Gar, where all other Gars are represented; at the same time, we can create a unified international framework to which all Gars and Lings and all members of the Dzogchen Community around the world belong.

We are already together in Guruyoga, in this way we bring that into this material world!


What we need to do?

The most immediate task for the International Gakyil (IG) is to prepare conditions for:

  • All of us, members of Dzogchen Community Gars and Lings around the world, to become members of the new International Dzogchen Community (IDC) organization, connected with a particular Gar and maybe also a Ling.
  • All Gars and Lings of the Dzogchen Community around the world to be legally aligned with the International Dzogchen Community organization, in whatever way is possible, respecting the national laws and conditions of the countries involved.
  • And some important services to us, members (database of members, websites, webcast, Teacher care, etc.) to be united under the organizational umbrella of the IDC.


How do we want to achieve this?

It is fundamental to Rinpoche’s Principles of the Dzogchen Community that we all are doing our best in a collaborative and non-hierarchical way, while at the same time fully respecting structures that exist in societies.

Therefore we have an International Gakyil as well as the Gakyils of Gars and Lings. It is not that one Gakyil gives orders or instructions to any other. Rather it is that each Gakyil and each member of a Gakyil has particular roles, functions and responsibilities according to what needs to be done. That is why, for example, messages from the IG use words like “suggest”, “recommend”, or “request”.

We also have an International Coordination Committee, which includes the directors of the Gakyils of Gars and Lings and all members of the IG. It is the forum in which its members can work together to establish the organisational and legal structure of the Community in a way that corresponds as nearly as possible to Rinpoche’s image of the Worldwide Mandala


When all these things will happen?

We hope that all members around the world will become members of the new International Dzogchen Community not later then beginning of the year 2015.

It is possible that some Gars and Lings will complete the process of alignment with the IDC in a similar time frame; but we are aware this can be much more complicated in some parts of the world.


We believe that everybody working kindly together, respecting each other, with the help of all guardians, we will achieve our goal and make our community relatively even better place for practicing deep teachings of our Master.


Long life to our Master !

Members of your new International Gakyil.


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  1. Stefano - Milan

    Hi Julien,
    I noted that in the link to the page where to post questions to be included in the FAQs doesn’t work properly. I would have a number of questions to ask and/or suggestions to do. Please fix the bug. Thanks for your work!

    • Julian King-Salter

      Hi Stefano
      I hope it is now working ok? let me know if you have any further difficulty, and also you can send your questions and suggestions direct to and include a request to post the questions and answers. Thanks! Julian


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