In spirit of service to Master and Community, and in collaboration with all members of the Sangha, we endeavour to bring into practice Rinpoche's vision for the organisation of the International Dzogchen Community.


Will I still be a member of my own Gar, and Ling?

Some members currently belong only to a Ling, and some only to a Gar. There is no reason for this to change, except growth and development. The general principle is that a member of the IDC would also be a member of their nearest Ling if there is one and through the Ling also to a Gar, or directly a member of their nearest Gar.



Will there be an extra membership fee for IDC?

 There will be a need for a small proportion of the existing membership fee to go to IDC, in the same way that a Ling now receives a share of its membership income. The IDC share will only be enough to cover the costs of the services it provides, such as webcast.


Will the payment our Gar makes for the Mirror now be part of our contribution to IDC?

Yes, that can be incorporated into a single payment from the Gar to the IDC- provision of the Mirror will become a responsibility/service of IDC.



Will it be possible for someone to become a member of IDC without joining a Gar?

If someone joins the IDC directly, they will automatically become a member of their nearest Gar (and also Ling if there is one nearer than the Gar)- you cannot be a member of IDC with out being connected with a Gar and/or Ling.

Who will collect the membership fee?

It is hoped that the Gakyils of the Gars will continue to process membership fees, passing some back to the Lings, and a smaller proportion to the IDC

Is there still any use for the term “guest membership”?

There is could still be one possible use for the term ‘guest membership’. In some countries I understand that Public Liability Insurance can be much cheaper for events which are “members only”. So it is conceivable that even for a retreat with Rinpoche where there may be no charge, we could offer ‘guest membership’ valid only for the event itself, maybe with a nominal fee (like one euro) simply to meet legal requirements. Such membership would last only for the duration of the event. But this is something to do with working with local circumstances, it is not a kind of membership from our point of view!

Closed courses

In the Community, we organize open events, then events for those who have received the Transmission and events for those who have joined the Community.  To avoid confusion and make sure we’re all on the same page, please clarify what is the suggested way to announce the events of the 3rd type.   For example:  Closed course for Dzogchen Community members    or Closed course for Dzogchen Community members and Welcome Card Holders  First is shorter and provokes less questions. Second is longer, requires the knowledge of the DC structure, but is more exact.

Closed course for Dzogchen Community members and Welcome Card Holders is definitely the most accurate way to advertise events which are only for those who have joined the Community.

What about the membership fee?

 The bulk of the membership fee will still go to your Gar. If you have a Ling, this may get back say 30% of your membership as at present. The IDC will also need some smaller percentage of the membership fee only to provide the bare cost of its services (such as the Webcast). The precise amounts need to be discussed and agreed with Gakyils of Gars and Lings, through the International Coordination Committee.



Who can access my personal details on the database?

You can access them and update yourself as needed- otherwise they are available to your local membership coordinator and the IDC membership coordinator