In spirit of service to Master and Community, and in collaboration with all members of the Sangha, we endeavour to bring into practice Rinpoche's vision for the organisation of the International Dzogchen Community.


Are there guidelines regarding whom can be invited to teach at a Dzogchen Community-organised event?

Yes, these are the guidelines: Dzogchen Community organises Teachings by Rinpoche, and courses by authorised instructors of Santi Maha Sangha, Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance, and that is all.

Are there any costs associated with the IG?

The IG members do not receive any remuneration and expenses are kept to a bare minimum. There is provision in the IDC Statute for an Executive Director, which can be a paid position. Mark Farrington is currently acting as interim Executive Director on a volunteer basis, without being paid.


What is the ICC for?

 The International Coorodination Committee is made up of the members of the IDC Gakyil and the directors of all Gars and Lings. It is the main hub of communication and discussion between the IDC Gakyil and the Gakyils of Gars and Lings. At the moment it will be most active in the process of aligning membership and Statutes of Gars and Lings with IDC, and once that is achieved it will continue to be a forum for sharing and working together on projects and proposals as well as discussing and negotiating about services.


How many representatives can a Gar or Ling have on the ICC?

It can include more than one – for example, the Treasurer or other Yellow Gakyil member might also join, for discussing financial matters like membership etc


Is there still any use for the term “guest membership”?

There is could still be one possible use for the term ‘guest membership’. In some countries I understand that Public Liability Insurance can be much cheaper for events which are “members only”. So it is conceivable that even for a retreat with Rinpoche where there may be no charge, we could offer ‘guest membership’ valid only for the event itself, maybe with a nominal fee (like one euro) simply to meet legal requirements. Such membership would last only for the duration of the event. But this is something to do with working with local circumstances, it is not a kind of membership from our point of view!

Who will own the Gars and Lings?

Ownership of land and buildings and other assets of the local organisations will remain local.




Is this another layer of bureaucracy which will just need more money?

There should actually be cost savings by having shared infrastructure eg for the membership database and other IT. Also through the Skills bank function of the database, it will become easier to match member skills with what needs to be done- this increases possibilities for Karma Yoga.



Why are there no women on the international gakyil?


It is certainly very unusual in our Community- there are more often a majority of women on a Gakyil and in other positions of responsibility. Nevertheless Rinpoche constantly reminds us that the Teachings are beyond male and female, and even on that level it is more related with each individual working with their own solar and lunar energy. We are all of us Dakini and Deva both.

Not so many people applied for the IG, and in particular not so many women. The women who did apply and were qualified later withdrew their applications due to the amount of work and travel commitments involved.

One thing is certain- if one equates “male’ with “authoritarian”, then this Gakyil is most certainly not “male”!