In spirit of service to Master and Community, and in collaboration with all members of the Sangha, we endeavour to bring into practice Rinpoche's vision for the organisation of the International Dzogchen Community.

Updated guidelines on how to organize Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance Courses

Dear Gakyils, we have updated Guidelines on Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance Courses. The Guidelines are already valid since Nov. 1st 2017, as previously communicated. You find a fresh version of the General Guidelines, a complete text valid for all courses. …

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Membership Management workshop, Merigar West, July 2016

The planned Membership Management workshop lasted about 3 hours and was held by Roberto Zamparo (Yellow IG) during the July’s retreat in Merigar West. It was intended for all Yellow Gakyils and Membership Coordinators.   The aim of the Membership Management workshop was how …

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Dzogchen Membership Database

The membership database is an essential element in the preparation for and future smooth running of the International Dzogchen Community. The database, located in the site of International DC, currently has more than 8500 entries, many of which still …

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